I am insecure, ugly, affectionate and understanding. I take things to heart, sometimes a bit too much; I’m passionate, driven, and if you give me anything it will become my everything.

I’m a good friend to my friends; I am nice and hard-working. I respect others. I don’t take things or people for granted, and I make an extra effort to make sure people know my gratitude when they’ve helped or cared for me. I help people; I care for them. I have a temper, I go around in circles, I can talk so much that your head will spin. I will make my point and not give it up until we agree to disagree. Tears and screams will have been a part of that conversation.

I recognize my faults and am not righteous. I give in when I need to give in, and will always say I’m sorry if I made a mistake. I will not make excuses, I will carry the burden of my faults forever on my back. I can’t let go. I get used to things; smells, habits, smiles, sounds, and I hate to lose them. I give my all. I give my heart and I’m not scared to have it stumped on. It hurts a lot when someone stumps on it.

I’m a positive man. I like to see the bright side of things. I can be defeated. I can be drained. I will blow up. I will have a reason to blow up. I will not pre-emptively attack. I will not pre-emptively defend myself. I will hear you out. I may not like what I hear and move my hands a lot while you talk. I will not keep a hidden agenda.

I’m honest. If I say something, that’s what I mean. Nothing less, nothing more. I hate describing myself. I’m fat. I’m a sore loser. I cry. I cry too much. I share my feelings; the good ones and the bad ones. My feelings get hurt. They get hurt quite easily. I’m a sucker for your smile.

I don’t cheat. I’m not jealous. I’m not perfect. I love you.

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  1. ay! enano: casi duele leer esto. such an indepth look at yourself. Its so true, te das de tal forma, sin paracaidas, por amor al amor. Te enamoras hasta la ultima fibra de tus ser, aunque te arriesgues a sentir el dolor mas profuno cuando te estrellas. Pero creo q

  2. es la mejor forma de vivir, de amar y de sufrir. Dandolo todo.

  3. You are right, but not fat

  4. Brother….tu familia, la cual esta leyendo esto, piensa que no eres feo ni inseguro…..

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